Little Known Facts about Copper Roofing

Many people are quite unaware of how impressive this roofing material is compared to alternatives.  Here are several facts we bet you may not know:

  1. Copper kills bacteria.  The way it is arranged at a molecular level causes it to strip single-celled organisms of their energy.  Part of the patina that you see is actually bacteria it has neutralized.
  2. Copper doesn’t corrode or rust.  The green layer called patina is sitting on top of the metal and is not decomposition of the material. This attribute keeps the metal protected for an extremely long time.
  3. You probably won’t find much copper in the landfill.  It is highly eco-friendly and recyclable and there is no better metal when it comes to these environment conscious concerns.
  4. There are building from the 1700s that have their original copper roofing.  It lasts that long!  As long as it is installed properly and used in non-extreme environments, copper roofs are widely known to outlive their original owners.
  5. Copper is the oldest metal of human history, meaning that thousands of years have been spent perfecting its uses.  That age also tells you that it is no fad and will continue to be used for many years to come.