2015 CDA Awards

Every year the Copper Development Association awards architecture projects and the associated companies.  In the category of Private Residence, we were a part of the 2015 award project:

Sheet Metal Contractor

Copperworks Corporation
Decatur, Alabama


McLaughlin & Associates
Ketchum, Idaho

General Contractor

H.E. Ashley Contracting Co., Inc.
Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

CDA, on their awards page, summarized our contribution:

“CopperWorks proposed using traditional roof installation methods to complement copper’s natural longevity and durability.  The roof’s relatively low-pitch was also an important consideration, so a complete double-lock standing seam installation was used for all of the roof elements, without the need of solder or sealants.  The 17-inch (43 cm) wide Bermuda step panels, measuring each between 8- and 10-feet (2.4 – 3.0 m) long, were double-locked, as were the valleys and hips.  In keeping with CopperWorks’ traditional installation methods, the chimney flashing was hand-seamed, not soldered. Each run of the Bermuda-step panel was individually vented.  The exterior fascia – a special design element that wrapped a 10-foot (3m) overhang – measured more than 4-feet (1.1m) high, requiring a three-panel profile.  The fascia panels were fabricated to provide for expansion and joined by a flat seam.  The two chimney caps, each measuring 16-feet (4.8m) by 9-feet (2.7m) and weighing more than 300 pounds (136kg) , were fabricated to match the Bermuda-step panels.  The caps have stainless-steel under-construction and are fully wrapped in 20-oz copper.  CopperWorks also fabricated and installed the hundreds of feet of inlaid copper gutter.  More than 34,000 pounds (15400 kg) of copper was used on the roof area of approximately 14,500 square feet (1350m2).”

Copperworks is honored to receive this award and was privileged to work with talented professionals to bring such a magnificent vision to life.  We also graciously thank the CDA for our award.  For more about the CDA, visit copper.org.