Copper Roofs are Cool

It’s true. After R & E and ORNL tests by the Copper Development Association, it has been determined that copper roofing systems can be energy efficient and cost effective. Many factors – especially the make-up of the entire copper roofing system – easily make copper an established part of long-lasting architecture.

The Copper Development Association took the testing further with an ORNL test. The natural convection of copper controlled heat gain and effectively reduced an attic’s temperature.For the R & E test – solar energy that is reflected away from the roofing system is given Reflectance (R) values. It is given Emittance (E) values for the infrared radiation energy given off from the roofing system.¬† After these values are measured, copper comes out on top when compared against painted metals and shingles.

Besides technicalities, performance and great benefits repeatedly back up that copper can be “cool.” The amazing element offers an answer for energy and price concerns. It’s aesthetic appeal positively adds to any building. Copper’s recyclability, life span, and durability can meet and even exceed other materials… a few reason why copper stands as the design element of choice!


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