Faking a Copper Roof is Easy

It’s actually pretty easy to fake a copper roof.  You can get metals like aluminum or steel that have been colored to mimic the copper look.  The other option is to coat steel with copper (which doesn’t save as much money as you would think.) So why would we post this to our site?  Because it is easy to copy a copper roof, but it isn’t worth it.  Here’s why-


Your aluminum or steel is really not that valuable.  Other than the aesthetic look that it will add, the copper posing metals will depreciate in value and will have to be replaced sooner.  It’s like painting your fence with water soluble paint.  Yes, that’s cheaper but it will need replaced and in the end cost you more.


Steel will rust and aluminum will corrode, no matter what color they are.  Copper can last over 100 years.  There are functioning copper gutters in Europe that exceed 100 years of use.  Copper coating over steel is what you get- a coating.  Any imperfections that allow moisture will rust the steel underneath, and it really only saves you 25% than if you were to install copper.

It’s what kids call “Being a Poser”

Let’s face it- faking a copper roof is a short cut, a perceived but imagined quality.  Imagine the embarrassment 10 years from now when the neighbor asks, “Wow, what did you put on your copper to keep it so shiny?”  It’s not copper.  You either have to lie or admit that you’re just being a poser.  Or imagine when you go to sell your house and you have to reveal that it’s not actually a copper roof and they have to mark down the value from what they thought it was.

Our advice to you, if you wouldn’t buy your spouse a knock-off purse or a knock-off golf club, why install a knock-off roof?



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